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Sunday, June 3, 2007

Playing a role of a big sister....

Jihan with her "adik"

after bath today, Jihan took her (i don't know what to call it) fat balloon boxer/bouncer(?) and played with it. she loves hugging the fat stuff and pushed it as it would bounce back. so, i asked her, what is it called? she replied, "adik"/little sibling. (ooopss..?!)

i just watched her playing with her adik. she took a pen and a paper and showed to her adik. then she said, "no, no , tak boleh, tak boleh tulis" showing towards the wall. (No, don't write on the wall). i found that it was quite funny as if she was telling her little sibling that it was wrong to write on the wall.

then she took a piece of her diaper and said the her adik, "Adik belak. basuh, basuh. Pakai pampers!" (You just pass your motion. Wash and wear pampers). HAHAHA! that was more hillarious!

on a second thought, is she ready for a little brother or sister? ; )

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