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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Susuibu.Com International Lactation Conference

calling for participants for the auspicious and prestigious international lactation conference, to be held in Kolej Universiti Islam Antarabangsa, Selangor, Malaysia, on the 5th - 7th October 2010!

This conference is supported by international bodies UNICEF & World Alliance for Breastfeeding Action (WABA). The honorable patron for this event is Tun Dr. Siti Hasmah Mohamad Ali.

The conference will be exploring the wealth of knowledge, experience and understanding we have about breastfeeding as the natural way to feed and nurture our babies. We believe that if empowered, women are able to successfully breastfeed and nurture their child naturally. The main objective of this conference is to create awareness on the issues surrounding breastfeeding and provide the opportunity for Malaysians to learn from top notch professional speakers in the field of Human Lactation.
Internationally renowned speakers along with Malaysia’s own lactation experts form the exceptional list of invited guests who will present at the conference.
International Speakers for this conference will be:
Dr. Jack Newman - world renowned expert on childcare and breastfeeding, author of best selling books “Ultimate Breastfeeding Book of Answers”
Sue Cox - distinguished author, speaker and pioneer in breastfeeding support in Australia. Author of “Breastfeeding with Confidence” and “Baby Magic”
Diana West - distinguished speaker and author of best selling book "Making More Milk"
- Targeting treatment for Low Milk Production to infant and maternal management cause
- Milk production for preterm baby
- Norms for the breastfeeding baby
- What they didn't teach you about breastfeeding in your training
- Making more milk!
- Baby magic and altering hospital breastfeeding culture
- National Health Morbidity Survey on infant feeding
- Building Peer Counselor Network in Malaysia
- Early stimulation for babies
- Strengthening the on going support for Breastfeeding
- Controversies in breastfeeding

early bird registration extended to 15th august 2010...
10% discount for MBfPC, government bodies, susuibu.com members, students
more discounts for group registration of more than 10 people...kindly email me for more info..
for more info, log on to http://susuibu.com/siconf2010

don't miss this chance of a lifetime!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

when the eye popped out...

how will you react when your eyes popped out...? scary...??!! shocked..??!!

those were the reactions that i experienced last night..for so long, i already knew that i have allergic conjunctivitis that obviously cannot be cured but can be controlled...but to date, i am not sure what are the specific allergens that cause it..let's say, it is multifactorial....i've been using a medication to control the symptoms and avoiding the allergen) poor me, cannot wear any eyeliner or mascara)..

so last night it was THE DAY it chose to happen again, but this time so intensely itchy until i couldn't open my left eye...i kept on rubbing my eye and felt like taking it out and soak it in a sterilized water so that it becomes purely clean... after almost 1 hour, it gradually stopped and i felt that the affected eye was heavy and droopy...

what i saw in the mirror was a very red eye...fine, that was expected...i look closer in the mirror...eh..? how come the nasal limbus and its conjunctiva were swollen and popping out more than my cornea? that scared me off....

so i called my friend who is training in ophthalmology asking her opinion...it was just a chemosis...she reassured me that it's going to be fine but if i'm unlucky, my conjunctiva can just pop out tomorrow morning if it decided not to subside....

so, i woke up this morning, feeling a bit gritty on the affected eye...looked into the mirror- well, it was still red but not swollen anymore..

so, i need to discipline myself not to rub my eyes vigorously again or else my eyes will popped out again...huuu.....

if you are not sure what is happening to you, please seek medical attention...even though this condition is non life-threatening, if you are not a health professional please get yourself checked by a doctor to confirm the diagnosis....

Chemosis is swelling of the tissue that lines the eyelids and surface of the eye (conjunctiva).

In general, chemosis is a nonspecific sign of eye irritation. The outer surface covering appears to have fluid in it. Often, the eye area swells so much that you can't close your eyes properly.

Chemosis is often related to an allergic response or infection.

Monday, July 19, 2010

one year older..

one year older (huu..), one year wiser (ehh..?), one year mature (hmm...), hopefully a whole lot richer (aha..!)...oh please, no gray hair nor wrinkles (hahaha!)

pardon me for not updating the blog since god-knows-when...i'm stuck doing some beneficial and non-beneficial stuffs for myself....hmmm...what are the beneficial and important stuffs that i do...? well, i celebrated my birthday, then i was busy counting the calories i take per day and find ways how to burn the extra calories (after i found out that eating good food for the past months means the clothes are tight on me), trying out new recipes that are low-fat, low calories but yummy, studying for my IBLCE...arggghh!!! yes, the IBLCE is just around the corner...and suddenly i realized that there are so much things to read..!!!

gosh, friends, please pray for me and my other colleagues (Dr Nadrah and Jess Wong) who are going to sit for the IBLCE as well...we hope we'll succeed as IBCLC to increase the awareness of breastfeeding in our society and to reach out mums out there in need of our help...

i've also updated my recipe blog with new nutritious recipes..feel free to drop by..

i pray that success will be always on my side in no matter what i do...i am thankful that i'm surrounded with lovely and fantastic people who love me so much and thank you for the support...to my beloved dinosours of my life (including papa dinosaur), you are the best thing that can possibly happen in my life...thank you for everything...