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Monday, July 19, 2010

one year older..

one year older (huu..), one year wiser (ehh..?), one year mature (hmm...), hopefully a whole lot richer (aha..!)...oh please, no gray hair nor wrinkles (hahaha!)

pardon me for not updating the blog since god-knows-when...i'm stuck doing some beneficial and non-beneficial stuffs for myself....hmmm...what are the beneficial and important stuffs that i do...? well, i celebrated my birthday, then i was busy counting the calories i take per day and find ways how to burn the extra calories (after i found out that eating good food for the past months means the clothes are tight on me), trying out new recipes that are low-fat, low calories but yummy, studying for my IBLCE...arggghh!!! yes, the IBLCE is just around the corner...and suddenly i realized that there are so much things to read..!!!

gosh, friends, please pray for me and my other colleagues (Dr Nadrah and Jess Wong) who are going to sit for the IBLCE as well...we hope we'll succeed as IBCLC to increase the awareness of breastfeeding in our society and to reach out mums out there in need of our help...

i've also updated my recipe blog with new nutritious recipes..feel free to drop by..

i pray that success will be always on my side in no matter what i do...i am thankful that i'm surrounded with lovely and fantastic people who love me so much and thank you for the support...to my beloved dinosours of my life (including papa dinosaur), you are the best thing that can possibly happen in my life...thank you for everything...

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