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Saturday, September 15, 2007

tips: breastfeeding in Ramadhan...

How to maintain a good supply of breastmilk in fasting month:

  • drink a lot of water and soup during the night

  • take kurma (dates) frequently

  • express your breastmilk as usual at workplace and breastfeed directly when you are at home

  • stay calm, do not become stress at work

  • take sufficient amount of carbohydrate (do not afraid of getting fat during fasting month as you'll burn more calories than other people when you breastfeed)

  • eat a lot of green vegetables

  • have a good pre dawn meal and drink a lot of water/nutritious drink

  • do a lot of good deeds during Ramadhan and pray so that you'll produce sufficient breastmilk for your little ones

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intan kamaruddin said...

Hi doctor. Got to ur blog thro drNO. Hope u will keep blogging. This is like a very useful handbook on how to start a family as a mom/doctor. :-)