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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

S.A.H.M (stay at home mom)

why do i want to be a S.A.H.M...?

  • i want to spend the whole day with my kids

  • i'm currently breastfeeding, it is easier to directly breastfeed Imtiaz

  • i can always cook for the family (currently i only cook when they want a special menu from me or when i have the time)

  • i can manage my own family to my likings

  • i can teach my kids a little extra from what they learn at school

  • i can become my kids' own driver

  • i don't have to crush and squeeze my head to deal with difficult patients who are just non compliance to medications

  • i can exercise 7 days a week (now i'm doing it at 3-5 times a week)

  • i can indulge in doing everything i love (shopping + window shopping, reading novels/magazines/newspaper, watching TV/movie, baking/cooking)

  • i can be my own family's doctor

  • i can surf the internet 24/7 (minus the time that needed to attend my kids) finding informations at the tips of my fingers

  • i can blog and read other blogs to exchange views and opinions

why i can't be S.A.H.M?

  • i have to complete my Master

  • i'm bonded 7 years after completing my Master

  • i won't have my own pocket money and i can't find ways how to find alternative income to stabilize the family's finances (i'm not a good entrepeneur)

  • i tend to munch a lot in between meals, that will make me to balloon up

what i wish to be...?

  • i want to complete my Master

  • then want to become a lactation specialist

  • complete my 7 years contract with my employer

  • then i want to promote breastfeeding to the nation and work as a lactation specialist at my own time

  • i want to have a flexible working hour so that i can manage my family as well

  • i want to coach my kids myself

sometimes, you can't have what you want...make do with what you can...but there's always room to improve your life to the next stage...


Lady Qay said...

ezura..qay here....long time no see...aku pun nk jd sahm gaks..huhuhu...

Mommy dearie said...

Can't help to say something abt this since I am a recently a SAHM after 15 years of working. I understand all why you want to be be one and why you can't. I am far from being a doctor but have a good overseas college degree. What I want to say is that.. being a SAHM is not a bed of roses. It may be great for a while.. and great if you have small kids and babies. You can read my entries on this subject in my blog. By the way I stumbled upon your blog in MomBloggers planet.

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