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Friday, December 31, 2010

Susuibu.com Lactation Consultant


Jan 'Adnin said...

Salam Doc.
I would like to ask for your opinion pls.. I'm a breastfeeding mom and my baby is now 7 months old. I'm having problems with my milk supply. What shld I do? I'm Expressing twice daily during office hours and on demand at nights&weekends. Thanks for your help

Dr Ezura said...


congratulations that u are still breastfeeding ur baby...at 7 mths, ur baby should have been started on solid food by now..that means, breastmilk is only supplementing her dietary intake..during day time when u are at work, ur baby can have 3 main meals with snacking in between and breastmilk on demand...when ur baby is approaching 1 year old,the demand for breastmilk is less at daytime, where she is concentrating more on food..

on ur milk supply issue, have u been i recent stress or health issue ? are u expecting ur menses? stress and menses can reduce ur milk supply temporarily..to boost up ur milk supply, u can try pumping every 3 hours at work, and pump at least once during 1-5 am, where at this time ur prolactin level is high..u can also try on galactagogue foods such as oats, lobak putih, jantung pisang and such..once ur baby has started weaning, ur milk supply will usually reduce according to ur baby's demand, as ur baby will take more food than breastmilk..

if the problem persists, kindly see lactation consultants available at susuibu.com or momslittleones, because face to face consultation is more effective...tq

Jan 'Adnin said...

Thanks Doc for your advise..
My baby is having 2 meals during daytime; lunch at 12noon and dinner at 5pm.. And yes I'm having my messes or sort of coz it kind of comes and goes for the past month. this is my first one since giving birth. I am taking lobak putih (yucks :))..
And I will seek consultation from susuibu.com..
Thanks for your help..