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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Happy 2nd Birthday, Imtiaz...Penang escapade (part 1)

my macho boy turned 2 last Sunday (yes, the "terrible twos")....we had a wonderful casual celebration at the northern part of Malaysia, at the Pearl of the Orient (Penang)...

Imtiaz is all excited to board on the airplane
Imtiaz and i have been away from home for the past 2 weeks...we spent great time together in Penang as i attended the Breastfeeding Advocacy and Practice Course in Georgetown Penang...my mum followed us there to take care of Imtiaz when i was in the course during daytime... i took my time to breastfeed him during break time and lunch time and sometimes, Imtiaz went up to the 16th floor of Bayview Hotel to have his breastfeeding break with me...
on the trishaw heritage  and food trail

in the evening, once i finished the course for the day, we would stroll along the Penang Road looking for local food for dinner...we even walked to Komtar and took a taxi back to the hotel and some days, Imtiaz would love to get on the trishaw...we had scrumptious selection of local and street food... it was heaven that i gained lots of weight in just 2 weeks..!

both of us even went on a trishaw tour to the heritage places with some of my course mates...we had lovely time trailing along the heritage places, not forgetting tasting some good food along the tour...Imtiaz even made friend with the trishaw man and was really enjoying himself on the tour...

imtiaz was all tired after the trishaw tour
i carried Imtiaz in the soft-structured carrier and he loved being in it...he enjoyed watching all kind of transports while we were strolling along the busy road of Georgetown...

with the technologies nowadays, we were able to stay connected with Jihan and papa through phone calls and Skype...Imtiaz was so excited seeing them on Skype video calls... Imtiaz had his books and favourite cars with him, but i think he missed home and his other toys too...while at the hotel, he loved taking his bath in the bathtub too...

there are more exciting stories in Penang, which i will update in the second part of this lovely escapade (when the family reunited later and had a wonderful journey together..)

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