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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

1st family vacation....

this was during her first vacation

buckle up in her carseat

a lot of emotional (and physical) changes involved after my baby was borned....i was glad that i was only 3 kg heavier from my pre pregnancy weight (but it gradually increases after i stopped breastfeeding when Jihan was 6 months but now i'm serious about shedding off a few kg that i gained within the last 1 year...argghhh!!)....plus the lack of sleep, the pain and agony to handle the tiny creature that has just come out from your womb....it was a mixed feelings actually...the first few weeks is the most critical condition for the mother....good social support is very important to the mothers as to prevent post natal depression (thank god i didn't suffer from this)

the fact is, i was very happy with my newborn baby at that time and i was coping quite well adapting to a new life....after confinement, i started working...then a new kind of stress emerged...i was a bit physically and mentally imbalance and exhausted....at one point, i decided to take a few days leave and plan an impromptu family vacation....(the first one for Jihan, who was 4 months old at that time)

it was during fasting month and we went East Coast...i buckled Jihan up in her carseat and she behaved very well...she loves travelling in the car...i had to wake her up to breastfeed her...now we have to pack an extra bag (plus others) for Jihan's clothes and stuff...luckily she was still breastfeeding at that time so no need to pack a whole basket of milk powder and bottles and sterilizer, etc....we packed 2 bags for her- 1 containing her clothes and another 1 containing her diapers and some toys...other accessories for her include baby hat ( which she hated wering it)and a few toiletteries...we always stuff her stroller inside the car boot in case we need them...

the journey was good but it takes time for Jihan to adapt to a new environment (the hotel room)...she cried loudly when she was in the elevator...but after a few try, she got on well...

it was a memorable vacation for us...it was only the 3 of us...it was time to strengthen the bond between us and for us to spend more time with our lovely Jihan...

tips on planning your first vacation (with baby):

  • go to a place that are accessible to health centre

  • choose the environment that is almost similar to your home

  • plan for a short vacation (2-3 days)

  • pack your stuffs as well as your baby's stuff 1 day before the journey

  • make a checklist on what to bring

  • pack some of your baby's favourite toys as well

  • if your baby is bottlefed, bring along the bottle sterilizer or sterilizing tablets (do not compromise hygiene for the sake of your little ones)

  • if you plan to go to the swimming pool/beach, bring along sunscreen for babies and babies floaties

  • bring extra clothing as she/he might puke or dirty the clothes accidentally

  • do not cramp the car with unnecessary stuffs/toys

  • bring a stroller/pram along

  • minimize the amount of baggage (if possible)

  • drive safely and carefully

  • buckle up your baby in her carseat

  • make sure the ventilation is good inside your car (not so hot or not so cold)

  • enjoy yourself and make your baby enjoy herself too!

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