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Thursday, November 15, 2007

a wisdom tooth story (part 2)

after almost 1 week suffering from the terrible ache, it finally subsides today...i went to dental department yesterday and had my OPG done...

my OPG

that's my OPG...can you see the wisdom tooth and the right side? that's actually my left lower wisdom tooth which is laying almost horizontal...it's pushing all the other teeth for it to come out..but still it cannot come out because of the overlying gum..the root actually is very near to the one of the dental nerves, that's why it is causing so much pain when it is inflammed and swollen as it compresses the nerve...while the right side being very vertical which make it easier to come out, but still cannot come out because of the overlying gum and soft tissue...so far it is sitting there quietly and i hope it will just stay there and be good!

so, that is the real situation...so what will happen now is i'm praying and hoping that i won't get another attack...and i hope they will call me earlier to have a minor oral surgery to remove the tooth!

so today, i started to eat normal food again (i have been depending on Nesvita 3 in 1 for the past few days) and able to consult my patients (though i restricted my conversations with them as it still give some pain when i talk too much)....

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Anonymous said...

ezzura, can i hv ur email? i need some advice on family planning. TQ