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Friday, April 25, 2008


it has been 5 days since my laptop and streamyx were out of function...both me and hubby were at lost....we feel so handicapped without them...we cannot look for new materials pertaining to our fields and worst most we cannot update our blogs, fotopages and flickr...!
and this week i had to do a presentation and i cannot prepare them at home...so i got to search for the materials at work and prepere the presentation using my computer in my clinic room...luckily this week there were not many patients, so i got to complete my task in time...
me and hubby went to IT World at Midvalley yesterday, hunting for a new PC...we decided to buy a new desktop while waiting for our good'ol laptop to be repaired...(my dad will bring it to Low Yat for repair..)...we bought a new Dell but it will delivered at least in 1 week time (the latest by 2 weeks!)
we can't wait for the arrival of our new PC and the arrival of our new Streamyx...(we have yet to call the Streamyx man for replacement...wait for the PC to arrive first)
and it's a few more days to our anniversary...looking forward to it! yeah!

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