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Sunday, August 23, 2009

5th month vaccination and update

last week we went for Imtiaz's 5th month vaccination of triple antigen and Hepatitis B...he weighs 7.4kg....and he still feed solely on mama's milk....
Imtiaz can now turn from supine to prone to supine, eagerly reach out his hands to grab whatever is given to him, laugh out loud especially when Jihan make some funny movement in front of him and put everything in his hand inside his mouth (to show that he is ready to eat)...
Prof B was very satisfied with Imtiaz's development...during the jab, Imtiaz let his loud voice out....! so painful...!
and good thing, he did not have fever after the jab...good boy!
he is due for the meninggococcal vaccination next month....and ready for his first food next month, yeay!

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