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Friday, January 25, 2008

a healthy start (part 3)

it has been 5 months since i last wrote about the similar topic (part 1 & part 2)...well, i was trying very hard to loose weight and tone my body but i have these stubborn fat that was very hard to get rid off and the weight won't just drop off that easy....thus, i was not making any improvement from August to October last year and i was kind of giving up hope...? (i did not lose any KG during the fasting month!!!)

but to my surprise, i lost 1 kg during Hari Raya...i couldn't believe my eyes or the old weighing machine was not functioning right..? from that moment, i started to get serious, doing aerobics and workout at home using VCD as guidance about 3-4 times per week and i didn't eat much rice (actually, i omitted rice in my meal plans but eat other things than rice...)..it was hard not to eat rice at that moment because i was very, very used to it...no more nasi lemak, roti canai, etc....mostly i ate wholemeal bread, Kellogg's Special K or Post wholegrain cereal, fish, chicken, and lots of vegetables and fruit...(once a while, i ran away from my routine meal plans, especialy on the weekend, because i cook and bake delicious, scrumptious meals and i cannot curb my big appetite..)

then i bought this cross trainer at the end of November...i was puffing and panting when i first used the gadget...i did the routine for about 20 minutes (around 10km) then gradually increasing it to 30 -40 minutes (15-20km) per session and i did it for about 4-5 days per week....then i started to see some improvement, and it showed on the weighing scale....the pointer never hit above 60kg anymore...

i continued doing the same routine and my sister came back from Australia and gave the big Gym ball and i started doing exercise with it...then we bought a latin dance DVD and we started doing salsa and cha cha....(hey, now i'm really good at it!!)

i also bought monthly Malaysian fitness magazine, Shape and got some helpful tips from them...now i can fit into most of the dresses and stuffs from my "teenage" years (heheheh)...and i'm losing my double chin as well...how glad....!

i'm planning to shed off 2 or more kg (if possible) to achieve my ideal BMI....i did a blood test on myself last week and my cholesterol level dropped for about 37% and my fasting sugar dropped to 16% of improvement....pheww, i'm glad and happy!!

it has been proven on me that a good diet control and a good regime of exercise CAN help you to reduce your weight and to maintain a healthy lifestyle, thus keeping away all the risks of cardiovascular diseases...i am now more confident to counsel and advice my patients to follow my footsteps for their benefits as well....it's never too late to start being healthy-concsious, eventhough you were sedentary in the past, still it can reduce the mortality and morbidity rate from cardiovascular illnesses... (hey, i was living a sedentary lifestyle before..-never exercises and my mum used to call me lazy bums!)

so, let's kick this new year with another resolution in your list - stay fit and healthy....towards a healthy lifestyle...!!


drzeze said...

tahniah sis,
keep it up sis.Mine always tak sempat(ehehe...alasan je tu).
My Angah now trying very hard to loose weight.Dok begging minta belikan threadmill...etc macam macam as shown on tv.

yulie said...

wow! really inspired me.. maybe u can share diet meal in ur cooking blog?? ..